Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shop Talk - We've got a lot to talk about.

Here is a quick update of what has distracted me from blogging.

I finished and installed our custom kitchen cabinets.

After an inspiring trip to the Minnesota woods to pick up some lumber, I decided to try my hand at carving. What a great way to relax during lunch breaks at work.

I completed the alphabet (minus the Q and W, they are so close to the O and M, and I didn't have enough board).

My favorite letter is "U" of course.

Another project is one that gives me great honor. To build picture frames for a family member who is in the military. The prototype came out great and was approved, so here is the stack of lumber ready for the rest to be built.

The Walnut spline contrasts nicely against the Red Oak.

Customizing one's home is one of the best advantages to being a woodworker, so now it is off to work on a newel post for a railing.

Best Wishes to all,

David J. Ulschmid
Designer / Craftsman
~ Wisp Woods ~
Arlington, SD 57212

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