Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Featured Project - Student Desk

Having a proper workspace is something that is invaluable, especially in this day and age where everyone is concerned with doing their best work in the always-too-little time available to complete the task. Everyone will, and should, have their own idea of what a proper workspace is. It might be an enlightening experience to take a look at our own working environment and scrutinize the way it affects our day.

The basis of a good workspace must begin with evaluating the demands we will place on it, both functionally and aesthetically. Finding your own point of balance between these often opposing characteristics will help to narrow your options.

I presented my client with three options for this project.

Since his workspace is occupied by many heavy items, I designed this model with maximum sturdiness in mind. The four laminated legs could no doubt support his equipment (and probably his car too).

A design that seemed popular online was one that included a small bank of cubbies at one end of the desk. This would increase the desks functionality, but also occupies much of the floor space available for the desk. And anyone who has rented an apartment will surely know that space is often at a premium.

This design was the most aesthetically based, but I kept strength in the back of my mind, knowing his needs would require an rigid base. The advantage this model gives over the four legged option is that it will be easier to slide up to, since the legs have been moved back, yet still support the front thanks to the cross bracing.

This was the model he chose, so now it is on to joinery selection and ( most importantly ) execusion.

Another twist in this projects path to completion is that it must be able to be knocked down for transport. Solid yet agile is the battle cry.
David J. Ulschmid
Craftsman / Designer
~Wisp Woods~
Arlington, SD 57212

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Featured Project - Etsy Shop Re-Opened

Featured Project - Etsy Shop

Last night was the grand re-opening of the Wisp Woods Etsy shop!

Head over and get a closer look at the gift items and other cool stuff.


I'm excited to see what type of feedback I receive from my latest products.


And look closely, please.

David J. Ulschmid
Designer / Craftsman
~ Wisp Woods ~
Arlington, SD 57212


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ponder This - Why Wood?

I was asked by a fellow blog writer to answer the question, "Why Wood?". Why not use some other medium to express myself. That got me thinking pretty hard. The answer I came up with was this.

Why wood?

To me, it is a connection to the past. My family history and the history of this great nation.

And at the same time it is my connection to the future. To build things that will outlast me. To be remembered for something, be it great or small.

I'm thankful for the talents I have been blessed with and I'm happiest when the results make someone's day.

Here is a sneak peek at a small Cherry box that I hope will make someone's day.

This will be featured in my Etsy shop when it gets closer to Valentine's Day.

Enjoy Life!

David J. Ulschmid
Craftsman / Designer
Wisp Woods
Arlington, SD