Friday, November 21, 2008

Featured Project - Gift for Mom

We all love our Moms!
This small box was a gift for my most wonderful Mother.

It gives me pleasure to look back at this, one of my earliest projects, and see, not only how far I have come since then, but also the amount of enjoyment that has come from it. My hope for everything I create is that it will be used and enjoyed. I love to make things that bring a smile to one's face, just by looking at it. Objects that become part of ourselves, through their functions in our daily lives.

This box does not serve a grand purpose. It is not used daily. Its function could easily be performed by a box made from cardboard, or plastic, or tin. But it is my belief that it brings greater joy, being of wood. Wood is alive, it never dies, it continues to expand and contract with the changing of the seasons. The exact form it makes, with it's grain pattern, will never be repeated. It brings its life into the room and provides companionship. Being made by my own two hands, it's almost like a part of me is at home with my mom at all times, and that makes me smile.

The interior is lined with felt to give protection and warmth to its contents. The metal pull on the top adds heft to this box, which is made from a fairly light wood. The dark stain brings strength to the piece and adds drama to the finger jointed corners.

Now, I've got to get it back to her before she calls in the "robbery" (she unknowingly lent it to me for a photo shoot) in to the police.

I Love you Mom,

Your Awesome Son!
David J. Ulschmid

~ Wisp Woods ~

For those who wish to add a lovely little box to their own surroundings, email me at to request one. The dimensions of the box are W 4.5" L 4.5" H 4.0", and the price is $25.00.