Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Featured Project - Bathroom Vanity

Take a trip with me, back in time. A time before our beautiful baby daughter was born. Before I really knew how much work this old house we moved into would be. And most frightening of all, when I worked out of a single stall garage!

We were just an excited young couple, looking to start a family, and the stars aligned in what we thought was a rather fortuitous constellation. We would be buying a house from my Father-In-Law which would allow us to live cheaper and begin this new chapter in our life. We knew the house was going to take a lot of work, and we started by gutting the basement and starting over.

Being the aspiring woodworker that I was (and still am) I volunteered to build the bathroom vanity. My desire to do so was bolstered by many a disappointing trip to the local home centers. While there for other supplies, we would stroll over the the vanities on display.

"I would never build something this way.", "That is so cheap.", "Do you know what happens when this stuff gets even a little wet?". These and other more colorful musings echoes through the isles as I inspected what they had to offer.

One good thing came from all this frustration, I got to know what styles of vanities my wife liked. Like an international spy working behind enemy lines, I discretely snapped some pics with my cellphone camera, and ran back to the drawing board (aka ACAD) and whipped up a few design options. A bit of sawdust, and a pile of wood wisps later, this is the result.

I have more detailed pictures at left.

Thanks for looking and Enjoy,

David J. Ulschmid
~ Wisp Woods ~

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